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For end users, the following links are for the most current official version:

NOTE: For the following Documentation Zip file, the Install manual is outdated. We are working on an update. For the time being, just place MYSTRAN.exe in the same location as the file you want to run and type "mystran file.ext" where "file.ext" is the full name of the file.

Version 11.0
Windows EXE -
Documentation -
Test Runs -

Additional files not commonly used by end users:
Source Code (in Zip Form as opposed to GitHub form - direct download) -
Test Problem Hand Calculations (60MB) -

For version 11.0 and after, the default compiling procedure uses Code::Blocks and gFortran (instructions for compiling MYSTRAN are here:


The most current source code for developers (as opposed to end users) is on GitHub ( ). Note that there are other versions of MYSTRAN via NASA links and GitHub, but those are older versions. The official and most recent version is linked above.

Note that before version 11.0, the compiling process was to use the Lahey compiler and Perl scripts. Also, the source code, manuals, and test run are grouped in the Package.

Version 10.31
Package -
Windows EXE -

Version 10.3
Package -
Windows EXE - Not currently available

Version 10.2
Package -
Windows EXE -

Version 10.0
Package -
Windows EXE - Not currently available

Version 9.03
Package -
Windows EXE -

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