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Concern about RBE3
Last Post: Admin
01-25-2024, 11:12 PM
» Replies: 2
» Views: 1,432
Abaqus/CCX to MYSTRAN/Nas...
Last Post: Admin
01-25-2024, 01:52 PM
» Replies: 0
» Views: 889
15.1.0 Update
Last Post: borges
12-19-2023, 02:50 PM
» Replies: 0
» Views: 932
15.0 Released - Major Upd...
Last Post: borges
12-19-2023, 02:46 PM
» Replies: 1
» Views: 1,264
New User facing issues
Last Post: Admin
12-12-2023, 06:11 AM
» Replies: 1
» Views: 1,242
Femap model hard crash
Last Post: borges
12-02-2023, 08:41 PM
» Replies: 0
» Views: 938
Converting MSC Nastran In...
Forum: ComLab and NASTRAN-95
Last Post: ceanwang
03-28-2023, 09:47 PM
» Replies: 1
» Views: 3,160
ComLab (an improved NASTR...
Forum: ComLab and NASTRAN-95
Last Post: Admin
12-13-2022, 04:55 AM
» Replies: 2
» Views: 7,559
Windows Complie Issue
Last Post: realbabilu
11-18-2022, 10:23 AM
» Replies: 4
» Views: 5,964
Mystran and Intel One API...
Last Post: Admin
11-17-2022, 02:48 AM
» Replies: 7
» Views: 10,803

  Abaqus/CCX to MYSTRAN/Nastran Converter
Posted by: Admin - 01-25-2024, 01:52 PM - Forum: MYSTRAN - No Replies

pyNastran has an Abaqus to Nastran converter (so it works with CalculiX and MYSTRAN as well). In the event that you don't want to install pyNastran and just want something simple and quick...see this link (courtesy of Bruno).

ABAQUS to Nastran converter:

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  Concern about RBE3
Posted by: Victor - 01-25-2024, 03:12 AM - Forum: MYSTRAN - Replies (2)

I'm trying to implement my own RBE3 according to the Mystran manual and I've noticed something that looks like a familiar type of wrong behavior. I'm not really sure if it is wrong or not or if Mystran also behaves this way. I haven't used Mystran before but I'd like see what other people think of it before setting up Mystran and learning how to define a model.

In my implementation, when I apply a moment load about the x axis, it causes the correct moment about x but also another moment about the y axis as shown in the attached picture. Note that the independent nodes are on an inclined face, not in a plane normal to the applied moment.

If you've used RBE3 before, would you expect this beam to bend as well as twist?

I'm suspicious of this because CalculiX has a similar issue with its moment loads on beams which are internally converted to MPCs similar to an RBE3.

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  15.1.0 Update
Posted by: borges - 12-19-2023, 02:50 PM - Forum: MYSTRAN - No Replies

This minor update adds a drilling stiffness for our 5-dof shells (QUAD4s and TRIA2s), the parameter K6ROT.

We separated this from 15.0 so people could have a "clean" release without this new feature, since verification efforts are still ongoing.

You can get the Windows and Linux binaries at https://github.com/MYSTRANsolver/MYSTRAN...tag/15.1.0 !

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  15.0 Released - Major Update
Posted by: Admin - 12-19-2023, 02:14 PM - Forum: MYSTRAN - Replies (1)

15.0 has just released. This is a significant update done by Bruno and mostly consists of memory bug fixes. Bruno is also making a major effort to continue to improve MYSTRAN in the coming months. The details for 15.0 are here (https://github.com/MYSTRANsolver/MYSTRAN/pull/9) and a quick summary is as follows:

All models in our current benchmark set now run without any illegal memory operations. So do other models that used to cause trouble, like cshear.bdf (part of the build verification suite) and large_shelled_beam.bdf (user-reported, I think). That doesn't mean results are necessarily correct. Not all bugs are memory bugs! But this update means that many models that used to trigger nondeterministic behaviour and/or crashes now run to completion. This way, we can actually get the results to verify they're correct, and also work on new features unencumbered by crashes.

------- SOME DETAILS --------

 - ELMOFF was comparing QUAD4 areas to an uninitialized EPS1, causing it to think positive areas were negative. The fix: initialize EPS1 to be EPSIL(1) as everywhere else does.

- GPWG had some debug prints that tried to write the value of ITABLE before it was set. The fix: move the initialization of ITABLE a couple lines up.

- ANY_U_P_OUTPUT, a variable with all assignments and uses commented out, appeared on an IF statement, thus sometimes being read even though it was never set. The fix: comment it out of the IF statement as well.

- there was a faulty conditional in the SuperLU version we were using, causing crashes when the global stiffness matrix was singular. The fix: so we changed to a more recent state of their repository since the fix was recent.
- a small oversight in indexes used to print CSHEAR engineering forces in WRITE_ELEM_ENGR_FORCE caused a buffer to be read past the part that actually held values. The fix: make the indexes consistent with the initialized part.

- OP2 code in WRITE_ELEM_STRESSES forgot to set a value called STRESS_CODE, used to indicate what's about to be written. The fix: put in a placeholder value for now -- there's other placeholder values in that same subroutine anyway.

- a missing ELSE was causing a fatal error to be issued for valid models containing CSHEAR cards with a nonzero OCID. The fix: added the ELSE.

- the subroutine GET_KE_OFFSET was communicating the wrong shape of BUSH element parameters (KEO_BUSH) to a matrix operation (MATPUT). The fix: communicate the correct shape.

- a post-deallocation subroutine was being called for the matrix I2_GMN regardless of whether it had been just deallocated or not, triggering a bad read. The fix: move the call into the conditional for whether I2_GMN was just deallocated.

- the SCNUM vector, containing subcase numbers, was being allocated with the wrong size, resulting in an overflow when it was written to. In MODES solutions, the "subcases" are the number of requested eigenvectors. The fix: set LSUB, which determines the maximum number of subcases in the solution, as soon was we see the EIGR bulk data card "chosen" by the METHOD case control card during LOADB. This way, all subsequent (i.e. after LINK0) allocations of SCNUM will be the correct size. There are no writes to SCNUM that could overflow before, since we set the size before the limit is even communicated to the rest of the program.

- same as above, but for EIGRL cards and the OGROUT vector. The fix: same as above, but setting LSUB as soon as we see the right EIGRL card during LOADB.

- a debug write was reading from an uninitialized variable depending on the requested data. The fix: initialize it just like in similar requests.

- okay, so, when a BUSH element has negative OCID (or the continuation card is absent), that means we use the GA-GB line as the x-axis for computing offsets. However, when GA and GB coincide, that line can't be computed, but an attempt was being made to compute them anyway, resulting in some nasty memory bugs. The fix: detect zero-length BUSH elements with negative OCID and mark them as non-offset, thus avoiding the problematic computations.

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  New User facing issues
Posted by: avi7 - 12-12-2023, 04:41 AM - Forum: MYSTRAN - Replies (1)

As stated above I'm a very new user. Just installed and started using MYSTRAN since yesterday. I have a very simple static analysis case that I wanted to run as a trial. Here's the error I'm getting:

dgstrf() error returns INFO= 2101
L\U MB 6.750    total MB needed 7.648
Processing terminated. Check for error messages in output file:
Note: The following floating-point exceptions are signalling: IEEE_UNDERFLOW_FLAG IEEE_DENORMAL

The error in .F06 is basically the same:


Please tell me if there's something I need to change. The test case is very simple.

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  Femap model hard crash
Posted by: borges - 12-02-2023, 08:41 PM - Forum: MYSTRAN - No Replies

[Posting here too for archival purposes]

While working on K6ROT, I decided to run a simple Femap 2x2 flat plate model on MYSTRAN.

This triggers a nondeterministic crash: half of the runs yield a segfault, the other half finish with a fatal error when calling the SuperLU matrix factorization subroutine.

Of course, these decks were auto-generated by Femap, so they're nowhere near hand-crafted quality. Still, no deck, no matter how corrupt, should trigger an illegal memory access.

Attached are two version of the deck: the one exported from Femap as-is, and another with some slight changes to make it more affable to MYSTRAN (to no avail).

Something in this deck is causing MYSTRAN to pass bad data to SuperLU. I'm looking into what, how, and a fix -- but any input is appreciated.


Attached Files
.txt   plate_upforce.txt (Size: 3.98 KB / Downloads: 0)
.txt   plate_upforce_changed.txt (Size: 3.98 KB / Downloads: 0)
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  Converting MSC Nastran Input Deck to NASTRAN-95
Posted by: fontanj - 12-18-2022, 01:11 AM - Forum: ComLab and NASTRAN-95 - Replies (1)

Hi All,

Does anyone have experience converting an MSC or NX Nastran input deck to a format NASTRAN-95 can read?

Here are some of the things I've done and I think it has got me most of the way there:
-insert lines from "INCLUDE"-ed files
-added an "ID" card at the top
-changed SOL 101 to SOL 1
-replaced CBEAM and PBEAM cards with CBAR and PBAR cards (luckily my model doesn't use advanced CBEAM functionality)
-replaced CBUSH and PBUSH with a set of CELAS1 and PELAS elements
-made sure my coordsys ID numbers on the CQUAD4 and CTRIA3 elements are < 1,000,000 (NASTRAN-95 manual specifies this)
-converted all my line continuations to labeled line continuations with a unique label for each one
-changed the names of my RBE2 and RBE3 elements to CRBE2 and CRBE3

Now the CRBE3 elements seem to be giving me trouble. I am getting singular columns in the stiffness matrix, and for  of my RBE3 reference gridpoints, it says "EXTERNAL GRID PT. .... NOT CONNECTED".

The only way these grid points are intended to be connected to the model is through the RBE3 elements. They are used to distribute a point-force (applied at the RBE3 reference grid point) to other nodes. Does NASTRAN-95 not allow this?


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  Mystran and Intel One API 2022
Posted by: realbabilu - 11-09-2022, 01:27 AM - Forum: MYSTRAN - Replies (7)

Hi everyone,

I just new at mystran this year.
For information Intel One API now is free for everyone. Including the Math Kernel Library ,and Vtune
The c++ compiler for compiling SuperLu and fortran compiler for compiling Mystran can be downloaded at https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/...nents.html
The MKL can be downloaded at https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/...nload.html
alternatively OpenBlas also can be used https://github.com/xianyi/OpenBLAS/relea...21-x64.zip
The Intel compiler required free Visual Studio Community https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/vs/community/
I still learn to create makefile using Cmake for VS and the GCC equations.com. so i jumped without CMAKE

A. USING Visual Studio Windows
Steps :
1. Compile SuperLu.Lib in SRC superlu with c_fortran_dgsvv.c with

icl -c *.c /O3 /Qpar
with modified Slu_cnames.h for creating obj, then
xilib /out:superlu.lib *.obj
    compile with optimization like /QaxCORE-AVX2 for intel or /QxCORE-AVX2 for AMD may improve the speed, and /Qpar for parallel run
2. Create the StandardConsole / Quickwin Fortran project
3. Drag all fortran subroutine excluding the "Source\Modules\LAPACK\Unresolved_Externals_Problem" since we will use Openblas / MKL AND  *.H files in include folder
    to the Solution Explorer - Source Files
CALL get_environment_variable  ( 'MYSTRAN_directory', MYSTRAN_DIR )
    Hope this call get_environment_variable is used in the next mystran, since it used also in gcc.
5. For mkl --> in Solution --> right click Properties » Configuration properties » Fortran  » Use Intel MKL » Sequential or Parallel  --> if /Qpar then Parallel
    For OpenBlas drag Openblas.dll.a and with all *.h to the Solution Explorer - Source Files
    compile with optimization like /QaxCORE-AVX2 for Intel or /QxCORE-AVX2 for AMD may improve the speed
6. For big problems, it could catch stack overflow, move all stack to heap.
  in Solution --> Properties » Fortran » Configuration properties » Optimization » Heap Arrays » 0
7. You will get the exe file.

B. Using command line Intel compiler x64 enviroment
a. Get mystran latest source code put in d:\mystran --> d:\mystran\mystran-main\
a. Get superLu latest, put on SRC folder with FORTRAN d_fortran_dgssv.c  and modified SLU_Cnames.h on SuperLu folder d:\mystran\mystran-main\superlu
b. Get into CMD command lines intel x64 Compiler
c. Get 2 Batch file to run in d:\mystran
    compile_mystran_superlu_with_mkl_AVX2_Parallel.bat https://controlc.com/f266943f
    mystran.rsp  https://controlc.com/32578204
d. Get mystran.exe inside x64/Release

1. SuperLu-MT cant be used here, right?
2. Can i get the built MingW GCC makefile? that compiled in msys or mingw, so i can changed to be compiled in the equations mingw compiler

NOTE: Modified SLU_Cnames.h inside SRC SuperLU dir for Visual Fortran
/* Fortran interface */
#define c_bridge_dgssv_ C_BRIDGE_DGSSV
#define c_fortran_sgssv_ C_FORTRAN_SGSSV
#define c_fortran_dgssv_ C_FORTRAN_DGSSV
#define c_fortran_cgssv_ C_FORTRAN_CGSSV
#define c_fortran_zgssv_ C_FORTRAN_ZGSSV

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  ABAQUS/CalculiX to NASTRAN/MYSTRAN Converter
Posted by: Admin - 10-19-2022, 05:29 AM - Forum: MYSTRAN - Replies (2)


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  BANDIT Issue
Posted by: Admin - 10-18-2022, 08:58 PM - Forum: MYSTRAN - Replies (2)

Question: Do you have any general plan for modernization of the code? I noticed that in the bandit module there are some features that were already considered obsolete in ISO/IEC 1539-1:1997 (https://gcc.gnu.org/wiki/GFortranStandards#Fortran_90) and later, as is the case with statement GOTO.

Initial Response:
Bandit is an odd one. A couple years ago we had problems with it so afaik we just removed it in essence. It’s a routine that is only used when you enact the banded solver and even then it only helps to optimize the matrix setup so the solution is faster and uses less memory. But that was far more important in the 70s/80s and not such a big deal now. For large problems, we use the superlu sparse solver anyway (so bandit would never come into play). We could totally remove anything to do with bandit and I would be ok with that. I think we may tried, but there were some loose ends so it sort of artificially resides in the program. But it would be nice to totally strip it out clean IMO.

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