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ParaView documentation

Is there documentation on how to use Paraview as a post-processor of MYSTRAN?

Not that I am aware of. MYSTRAN has output for F06, NEU (neutral), and ANS (internal output for checking). We are working on OP2 output. I don't know what Paraview supports, but it would need to read one of those output types or we would need to code in a different output I suppose.

ParaView should read the F06 file, but I have problems loading the f06 of MYSTRAN f06 and also the f06 of MSC Nastran.

VTK is ASCII file, with a syntax simple. ParaView suppor very well this format file.

I will try to write a DMAP script in order to have the VTK as an output file.

I have a old version of DMAP manual (MSC Nastran V68), but many models don't match with MYSTRAN

Do you have a DMAP manual for MYSTRAN to share with me?

Thanks in advanced


I employed in MSC for about 15 years
Is it possible for Nastran95 to have a VTK output script?
The F06 is notoriously difficult to parse. It also can change for different versions of Nastran/ MSC Nastran. Furthermore, the MYSTRAN F06 will have some differences between an MSC Nastran F06. In general, its not a reliable way to parse data (though possible).

Regarding DMAP, I am not sure if MYSTRAN supports it or not (but I think it does not). You can find all known documentation here: Someone else may be able to chime in about this as well.

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