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Compile 10.31 with Code::Blocks
EDIT: See this thread for the most current:

I will create detailed instructions later, but for now, this is one option that seems to be very close.

1. You can use Code::Blocks in the same way as Visual Studio. I also tried CBFortran, but it seems to be 32-bit and was much slower when reading in the source files.

Download "codeblocks-20.03mingw-setup.exe". This will add the Fortran compilers in the CodeBlocks install directory.

2. Download this modified 10.31 source code, which has some minor modifications from 10.31.

For reference, here are the modifications that were made (you don't need to do this if you download from the above link)

- Delete the BANDIT directory
- In GET_COMMAND_LINE.f90, comment out INTRINSIC GETCL in line 46
- In MYSTRAN.f90, for the line that says :  "PERCENT_CHANGE(LOAD_ISTEP,NL_ITER_NUM) = 1.0D2*(UG_NORM(LOAD_ISTEP,NL_ITER_NUM) - UG_NORM(LOAD_ISTEP,NL_ITER_NUM-1))    &" delete a space before the "&" character.

- In Code::Blocks, start a new project. You don't need to select a compiler now.
- Under settings/compiler/Toolchain Executables, click the GNU Fortran Compiler and point to this directory, C:\Program Files\CodeBlocks\MinGW. Then, replace the first 3 EXE files with with gfortran.exe (or the 64 bit MinGW)
- Right click the project name in the tree and add all 10.31 directory recursively. You may also want to put the in a directory that has a short and simple path. In my case this took about 10 min so you may need to be patient.
- In Project/Build Options/Search Directories, select the INCLUDE directory location under both "Compiler" and "Linker" tabs. Also, check both the Debug and Release tabs. Otherwise, it will not find debug.h and stat.h
- Build/Rebuild

At this point, Intel would normally compile, but I am not having success. At the end is says "Execution of 'X.. failed", where X is the compiler (Execution of 'mingw32-gfortran.exe...or Exectution of 'gfortran.exe..., etc). A google search has not helped to resolve it.

Upon closing CodeBlocks and then reopening it, I get a different error related to Pentium-II. That seems to be resolved by just clicking Settings/Compiler/Toolchain Executables and selecting the GNU Fortran compiler. But this is odd behavior!

For reference, here is the Makefile associated with this attempt. I changed the path to C:\A instead of C:\Source though in an attempt to shorten fix it (though that did not work).

And here is the build log for reference.

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