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Stress in layered composites

I’m using Mystran to simulate a wing with composite structures and a question about the output arose during the plot of the results.

As one can see (Picture wing_leadingedge (     )), on the leading edge area, there is an abrupt change in the values of Stress Normal 1 for adjacent triangles (change blue to red)when the material angle for ply1 is 45º. The values used to plot the Stress Normal 1 parameter are from the “Stresses in layered composite elements for element type TRIA3” table from F06 output. Picture OutputValues (     ) shows an example of the values found for the Stresses and Failure theory (emphasizing the abrupt changes) of adjacent triangles located on the leading edge:

ElementID 4500 Ply1:  -8.34076           
ElementID 4501 Ply1:  -0.661743
ElementID 4502 Ply1:  -8.38790
ElementID 4503 Ply1:  -0.743443

The loads are applied on the main spar caps nodes (bar elements), as you can see in the picture loading (     ).

As a way of debugging, zero and ninety degrees were used as a value for the material angle of ply 1 and the results for Stress Normal 1 and Stress Normal 2 parameters obtained didn't show any abrupt change.

Does anyone have an idea about the reason for these values? Is this an issue from the solver?
Are these the values used to compute the Failure Theory index?

Leave as an attachment, on google drive, the Case.dat file (input file) and Case.F06 (results file) (the files are too big to add as an attachment here).
Link for google drive with files:

Thank you very much for your time.
Filipe Silva

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