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I'm the developer of pyNastran, which you can find out about over at:

I've added support for Mystran (the BDF and for the GUI).  You can flag the deck as a Mystran file by putting the following on the first line of your BDF:
$ pyNastran: version=mystran

If you just use the standard install, you won't have mystran support, but if you install from git (see the install guide), you will.

There's probably still a few PARAMs that I'm not validating, so bug me over at:
if you find something wrong.

Also, an FYI, it's a bit stricter than Mystran (there's an embedded blank), so a card like:
SPC1, 1, 12 34, 42

is invalid, but:
SPC1, 1, 1234, 42

is fine.  That's just per the MSC/NX Nastran documentation, which I try to follow as best as I can.

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