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It is relevant to compare MYSTRAN to NASTRAN-95 and also discuss the state of NASTRAN-95.


NASTRAN-95 (Usability):

There is a complied version for Linux here:

For windows, "bash for Windows" can be used to access the Linux version.

There is also some information about Windows here:

NASTRAN-95 (Advantages):
- More developed and includes aero and fluid elements. A list of elements is shown here ( )
- More history of use (more well known)
- The Eigen solutions are more developed (MYSTRAN only supports beam elements for Eigen solutions).

NASTRAN-95 (Disadvantages):
- The user manual is very old and many current NASTRAN users will not recognize it.
- Some of the element names are not consistent with current names. For example, what is a CTRIA1, CTRIA2, and CTRIA3? This is related to the state of the manual as well (difficult to interpret for modern users).
- The code may be very difficult to develop. It was written with very old standards. The concern is that there would be a very big learning curve for developers before anything could be added.
- The solver that is used may be outdated by today's standards (considering the solver is at least 25 years old).

NASTRAN-95 (Unknowns):
- Nonlinear analysis?


MYSTRAN (Usability)
- A compiled version for Windows exists.
- The state for Linux is less known, but a compiled version exists (may be an older version).
- For both cases, we are reworking how it is compiled so that is can be used with gFortran.

MYSTRAN (Advantages)
- Perhaps the biggest advantage of MYSTRAN is developers should find it more user friendly.
- Created with more modern software and hardware in mind.
- User manual is complete and consistent with modern NASTRAN user manuals.
- Newer solvers can be incorporated with relative ease

MYSTRAN (Disadvantages)
- Not as developed or well known as NASTRAN


My current thoughts:
- For NASTRAN-95, it may be worthwhile to create a native Windows version and create a more user friendly and current manual. However, after that, it may be too difficult to develop further.
- For MYSTRAN, if a few improvements/features can be addressed, the capability may be close to NASTRAN-95 for many problems. Moving forward, MYSTRAN is more flexible and has more long term potential (modern solver, nonlinear analysis, improved Eigen solution, etc.)

Brian Esp

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