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Pre/Post Options for MYSTRAN
MYSTRAN is largely compatible with programs that support BDF files. However, it does not currently have an OP2 output (will be developed later). While there are commercial programs that can use MYSTRAN, such as MSC Patran and Femap, these programs are expensive and are usually combined with their own solvers. Instead, this thread will present low cost or free/open pre/post software that works with MYSTRAN.

-------------FULL PRE/POST OPTIONS:-------------
A "Full Pre/Post Option" is considered to be a software that can create a BDF/mesh, apply loads/constraints, run the MYSTRAN solver, read MYSTRAN output, and post-process the results.

1D Elements ( )
A program that can use beam, rod, and spring elements in 2D space (linear static analysis, buckling analysis, natural frequency analysis). It has complete documentation and series of videos that explain how the program works.

-------------PARTIAL PRE/POST OPTIONS:-------------
A "Partial Pre/Post Option" is considered to be a software that read, modify, etc. BDF files (or output files). These programs can be used to interrogate models, but are not used to create a mesh, apply loads, etc. After the OP2 option is implemented in MYSTRAN, some of these programs can read results files.

pyNastran ( )
Using the BDF interface, you can read/edit/write Nastran geometry without worrying about field formatting. Many checks are also performed to verify that your model is correct. Using the OP2 interface, you can read large result files quckly and efficiently. Additionally, you can also extract a subset of the result data and write OP2/F06 result files.

FEX ( )
A lightweight program (only 3MB) that can read and interrogate BDF files. It can be used to visually show the model, discover issues, measure, and perform various other operations. It has a built in tutorial and low learning curve. I found this to be a simple tool that is quite useful. It does not have post processing capabilities.

M3DFEA ( )
CalculiX GraphiX (F06 capability pending evaluation)

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