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3/16/2021 UPDATE - Admin - 12-20-2020

3/16/2021 UPDATE

- Harry Schaeffer has released ComLab (an improved version of NASTRAN-95). See this thread: There is also a list of enhancements here:

- Initial investigation has been done to add the differential stiffness matrix to to the shell and solid elements (to allow for Eigenvalue buckling - SOL 105). We are also considering an different shell element formulation. If you have any thoughts on this, please make a post or visit us on the Discord channel:

- Version 12.1 has now been released, which fixes an error with the BUSH element.

- The MYSTRAN Benchmark Tool has been introduced in the new TestRuns ZIP. This tool assists in benchmarking new builds. A new approach replaced the old one one 2/15/2021 so you may need to download it again.

- Steve isĀ  working on the OP2 support. That will be a nice compliment to his pyNastran program.

- We identified the how to get "clean" Test Runs that don't yield ambiguous data to compare different version/compilers. We are also working on generating the Pass/Fail criteria using the MYSTRAN Benchmark Tool. This should be available by 3/15/2021.

RE: 2/2/2021 UPDATE - Admin - 02-04-2021

2/4/2021 UPDATE

- The two major threads in ALL CAPS have been updated and ready to go. There may be some fine tuning still, but they are completed for the most part.

- Version 12.0 has now been released, which includes the SuperLU sparse solver. The documentation, Windows EXE, and Test Runs have been updated here: