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tetra10 from pyNastran do not work with Mystran
I made a very small model. It should be fine now. Would you have a look at this ... I get exact the same results in Mystran an Calculix.

.txt   tetra10.bdf.txt (Size: 1.34 KB / Downloads: 1)

.txt (Size: 1.99 KB / Downloads: 0)

(the first screen shot of the my new play ground ... Cool )

The difference is as follows.

- Mystran uses rightHandRule thumb to top node 4 for the first face

- FreeCAD (SMESH, Salome, Med, what is the FreeCAD FEM Mesh datastructure based on) uses for all faces from all solid elements the rightHandRule thumb to face normal and face normal goes out of the mesh volume for any face of a solid mesh element.

this is the assignment I used ...


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