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Open Source Compiler
Vittorio has been working on using compiling MYSTRAN with gFortran. We will add more information later.
Some information from Vittorio:

I completed the compilation of the interfaces according to the order Bill sent me. Attached please find the batch file and an excel file I use to speed up writing the batch file. Apart from the issue in BANDIT module with the CHARACTER data types I had to convert in Hollerith constants, gfortran compiles all the sources with no flaws. I just had to adjust some spaces in a few source files to comply with the 132 column length. The logic in the batch file is very simple, just tedious. The batch file is in directory used just for compilation and refers to the directories where gfortran is installed and the path for the sources is added as appropriate. I'll try to use the same approach for the whole compilation, just changing paths for the sources.
And a followup...

I started the compilation process from scratch with the new files. I needed again to change the lapack interface extension to .f (f77 syntax). I also modified some other files to adhere to f95 syntax (comments changed from C to !, continuation lines in f95 style). The longest work was for BANDIT module (about 6000 lines). So far I compiled all the modules and the interfaces.
I hope haven't introduced errors.

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