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Roshaz Pre/Post
Roshaz is a full featured pre/post processor that supports MYSTRAN. It was developed in Fortran by John Horspool and consists of multiple man years of effort. Some years ago I considered purchasing it from John before he passed away, but we could make that happen in time. Since then Roshaz has been abandoned. However, I recently go in touch with his family who gave me the files and the rights to continue using it.

Here is a quick picture:

Here is a direct EXE

Here is the source code (may not be complete)

Because the complied EXE has not been updated in some years, there are some issues with it. A few items:
- The windows file open/save dialog box can be unresponsive or laggy (it may require some patience).
- There is an Open GL crash issue sometimes.
- There can be general errors that cause crashes

A test example for a plate with a hole was performed. I was able to mesh it, solve it with MYSTAN, and get the deformations. However, I could not get the contour stress plots to work.

Since then, a few Fortran programmers have had a look at the source code. Some of the feedback was:
- There are no comments, which makes things difficult
- There may be missing files from the source code. For example, there do not appear to be any images for the icons. That could be redone, but it brings up a bigger question of whether other files are missing.
- One person mentioned that is calls DLL files that could not be located via Google search.


At this point, the project may not be viable. However, there has been a significant amount of work put into it (it was formerly a pay program). If it could be fixed, it would be an excellent free pre/post processor that could great for simpler problems. It is a rather robust program that can import files, mesh them, create plots, and works with multiple solvers. It may be best to just focus on the MYSTRAN solver for now though. 

I think this would be a big project, but it may be worth it in the end.


Brian Esp

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