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Intel Compile
I have been completely puzzled by the 13 unresolved externals that both Robert K. and I have been experiencing while linking mystran after a successful compile. They do not seem to make any sense, since all of the source code referenced by the unresolved externals is in the LAPACK_???. FOR routines which compile and produce obj files. I have looked at the err files and there is no hint of anything that could explain the problem.
A little bit if history may be helpful. About 10-12 years ago I purchased the Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL) to use  as a sparse solver for mystran. For all the years prior to that I had, primarily, the LAPACK (banded solver, not a sparse solver) routines which were first installed many years ago and I never had any incidence of unresolved externals then. After the MKL was installed in mystran there were several Intel MKL libraries (4 of them to be exact) that were required in the linker response text file, LMY.LIN. That old MKL (version to be exact) had some serious bugs and, if it failed, it always did so by just crashing. Recently it has given several users problems. So it is not a good option as a sparse solver going forward. With that in mind, I recently removed all of the MKL source code from MYSTRAN (and of course also removed the MKL libraries from the linker response file LMY.LIN. That's when I first started getting the unresolved externals. Besides the fact that, as mentioned above, the "unresolved" externals really are part of the LAPACK obj files, I found that if I put the MKL library files back in the LMY.LIN the problem goes away. That is, inclusion of the MKL libraries, even though the MYSTRAN code contains no MKL code, fixes the unresolved external problem. Wierd!
One other way that seems to be taking care of the unresolved externals is to remove the objectionable source files from the large LAPACK files and put them in individual files (13 of them). I have done this with 2 of the files and, so far, have reduced the unresolved external issue to 11 (rather than the original 13). I plan to continue this effort to try and eliminate all 13 of the unresolved externals.
Any ideas would be very welcome. If nothing else we can fix the problem with one of the 2 temporary fixes referenced above.

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