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LAST EDIT: 9/13/2020

For end users, the following links are for the most current official version:

Version 11.2
Windows EXE - - 8/30/2020
Linux - See Option 2a in this thread:
Documentation -
Test Runs -

Notable Modifications from prior official version:
- Added files needed to incorporate a sparse solver. These were previously removed when the Intel sparse solver was removed.
- Added msg/error in the event that a CQUAD4 with orthotropic properties is used. The current CQUAD4 has an issue with this scenario:

Additional files not commonly used by end users:
Source Code (in Zip Form as opposed to GitHub form - direct download) -
Test Problem Hand Calculations (60MB) -

For version 11.0 and after, the default compiling procedure for the Windows EXE uses Code::Blocks and gFortran (instructions for compiling MYSTRAN are here:


The most current source code for developers (as opposed to end users) is on GitHub ( ). Note that there are other versions of MYSTRAN via NASA links and GitHub, but those are older versions. The official and most recent version is linked above.

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