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Some basic conversion capabilities from Calculix to Nastran file format are included in the CGX pre-post processor for Calculix, as stated in sec. 3 and B.22
of the CGX manual at
Hi Vittorio...been a while. We also have a basic node/element converter that Bill created, but Steve (of pyNastran), has something MUCH better than this. He has created a real deck converter that links nodes, elements, properties, materials, loads, and boundary conditions. It's not really even comparable to a simple node/element converter. AFAIK, all the other open converters (including CGX) only do nodes/elements and are not actually deck converters. They may be able to also convert some things such as materials, loads, B.C. as well, but I am not aware of anything that can link it together other than what Steve has done (which is quite amazing). I think he reads a deck into a fields internally an then creates a deck from those fields. It is quite impressive.

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