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Compling NASTRAN-95
Here is the original source code from NASA:

Based on this, Thomas Hermann (along with Harry Schaeffer), created this version:

Later, it seems (but not exactly sure of the timeline), that Luca created this version for Linux, which was was later distributed with Ubuntu:
I think this is a more user friendly version that is easier to set up on the host computer, but not sure. TBD item.

Note from Vittorio:
I also compiled successfully NASTRAN-95, both under linux (Ubuntu 16.04) and Cygwin/windows. Under ubuntu the simplest way is to use the debian version already available.
Regarding Windows:

- Steve mentioned a program called "bash for Windows" can be used (Windows 10). However, it would better to have a more native version.
- Some information here:
- Some comments from Vittorio: "Under windows I used Cygwin, that is an Unix-like environment. It has a make utility for the compilation so almost the same makefile used under Ubuntu can be used. The resulting exe should run also under windows out of the Cygwin environment, if the needed dll's are statically linked. If you are not comfortable with Cygwin I'll try in the future to obtain a single exe file. Anyway Nastran95 in Cygwin runs in a terminal window not very different from a dos command one.
Notes from Tom:

The release goal is to put something out that people can experiment with on both Windows and Linux. This means 2 things: (1) It needs to build and (2) it needs to run. The best cross-platform build system in my experience is CMAKE ( and I already have it on the TODO list to implement that. The best cross-platform wrapping language is Python. That is also already on the TODO list. There are also some minor internal modifications related to file paths that need to be made. These were the things I was working on the last time I was active with the code base. This release will be 0.1.0. I always use 3-dotted notation for release versions: MAJOR.MINOR.BUG.

Brian Esp told me about this thread, nice to hear that you are working on this subject!
I do not have much to add to all this: with the help of some friends I created a debian package of the Nastran 95 version:

The first package version was accepted on December the 13th, 2015

I use it daily to validate an open source FEA translator ( the comparison between Nastran and Code_Aster results is fairly good in most cases and is used by software editors and industrials.
The translator is also able to write Nastran (95 or modern) syntax as an output.
If you need anything from my side, I will do my best to help!

All the best,


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