Full Version: Steps to build third party package under Windows 10
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Take building SuperLU as an example.

First you need to install these two packages:
1. cmake
2. gnu for Windows

And add their bin folders into Windows PATH. Then you can start to build SuperLU. 

1. Download from
    On that page, click  Code, select Download ZIP
2. Unzip it into D:\MYSTRAN\superlu-master folder
3. Copy w.bat (see attached) into D:\MYSTRAN\superlu-master (Rename the attached w.txt as w.bat)
4. On lower left corner of Windows desktop, inside the search area, type CMD, then press Enter key to start cmd.exe - the windows terminal. 
5. Change to D:\MYSTRAN\superlu-master folder
6. Type w in the windows terminal command line, then press Enter key to run w.bat  It will find the tools needed to build SuperLU. It will generate  a  D:\MYSTRAN\superlu-master\Build_win10 folder and changed into that folder.
7. Type make, then press Enter key to build SuperLU.
Build FORTRAN examples

There are Fortran examples at D:\MYSTRAN\superlu-master\FORTRAN

1. Start Windows terminal, change to D:\MYSTRAN\superlu-master\FORTRAN folder.
2. There is a file named Makefile in it. You can try to type in MAKE in the command line to build these examples. But there are errors. This Makefile file needs a file named under D:\MYSTRAN\superlu-master folder. You need to do some changes to reflect where you installed superLU in your Windows system. Replace it with the attached one. Rename as
3. Goback to D:\MYSTRAN\superlu-master\FORTRAN folder, MAKE again, now you will get the exe files.
After making the Fortran example, there is a file named df77exm.exe

To run it, you need a test data. You could copy D:\MYSTRAN\superlu-master\EXAMPLE\g20.rua into D:\MYSTRAN\superlu-master\FORTRAN.

In the FORTRAN folder, use this command to run:
df77exm < g20.rua

The shape of g20.rua is displayed as a photo as attached. The green dot means non-zero value at the place of the matrix. It is a 400x400 matrix.