Full Version: Batch file to solve test cases in one folder
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Same as the 3-TestRuns folder, create a 8-Test folder and save this msolve.bat file in it. Please remove the txt extension.
Run, it will solve all dat files in 3-TestRuns\Statics\Banded\CurrentRuns folder.



After solving all the cases, you could compare the newly generated *.ANS to the corresponding *.ARC files under the 3-TestRuns\Statics\Banded\Archive folder using these two bat files. Also save and run in 8-test folder. Please remove the txt extension.

cpARC.bat will call compareARC.ps1 to compare the pair of files line by line. compareARC.ps1 is a Window 10 PowerShell's script. It will write the difference into the cpDiff.txt file.

The problem at the moment for me is that the ARC file treat 0 different to my ANS file. One has - sign at the front of 0. I think if the exe is generate by same compiler, there will be no problem.
Compare two F06 files: one solver with BANDIT, one with BANDIT defunctioned.

Run cpF06.bat will output difference into cpDiff.txt file. 

If there is an error in running Bandit, it will show up in the ERR file. For the solver with BANDIT, there mentioned nothing in the ERR file, so I think  it runs successfully.